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Like the North Star guided ancient explorers and traders, Polaris Intelligence guides you to the facts.  We are a certified veteran-owned, information collection and analysis firm based in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia. 


We specialize in proactive Open Source and Human Intelligence (OSINT & HUMINT) services for to create protective intelligence  for our clients.

We have over 15+ years of direct investigative and intelligence experience with the US government.

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

Registered Private Investigator  (#99-660647 & #11-18621)


ASIS International Board-Certified Professional Investigator. (#23078)


Polaris Intelligence combines over 30 years of federal investigative, intelligence and national security operational and aviation experience with the latest in sensing, visual and data collection technology to acquire solid and reliable facts to support a case. 

Rick Charles, PCI

Virginia DCJS Registered Private Investigator

ASIS Board Certified Professional Investigator

FAA Part 107 Certificated Remote (UAS/Drone) Pilot 


Polaris Intelligence's founder and owner, Rick Charles, has been entrusted to protect and keep discreet the most sensitive secrets of our nation for more than a quarter-century.  He is currently a credentialed federal investigator with an active security clearance granted by the U.S. Intelligence Community (TS/SCI).



Polaris Intelligence can provide you with solid results to meet your goals in your specific situation. We are an Information collection, analysis and investigative firm that conducts field intelligence and collects information to support private citizens, corporate clients, fellow PI's, and attorneys. 

Corporate & Litigation Support

Obtaining and applying information with value to your case that will move it forward is critical.  Its the goal.  The systematic collection, review and transformation of valueless raw information into valuable knowledge through efficient and effective data collection and analytics is what we do at Polaris. 

Aviation Intelligence


Polaris Intelligence has over 21 years experience in military and civil aviation including 10 years with the FAA as an investigator.  When it comes to your intelligence needs, we can support you in aviation-related investigations, non-aviation related investigations using aviation data and information, working with the Federal Aviation Administration, and years of working with federal law enforcement as an aviation expert

Economic Espionage

Polaris Intelligence has over 15 years experience in countering international economic espionage and conducting counterintelligence investigations and intelligence activities to include insider threat detection and mitigation.  Subject matter expertise on Chinese and Iranian theft of U.S. trade secrets, particularly aviation and aerospace technology theft.

UAS Surveillance &


UAS reconnaissance provides the "ground truth" necessary to ensure a successful outcome for some cases.  UAS are an effective investigative tool that can provide: Aerial Imagery for Controlled and Prohibitive Access Locations; Photographic and Video documentation of "Hot Zones" to get a sense of the Patterns of Life; Common Routes of Travel and any potential unknown Factors ("alligators") before they strike​.

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Polaris Intelligence is a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs-certified Service-disabled, Veteran-owned Small Business.

We Proudly support Veterans,

Law Enforcement & First Responders!

DUNS: 045210316  |  CAGE: 8GC75

A Division of Polaris Imagery LLC   |   Virginia DCJS #11-18621
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