Intelligence Services

  • Polaris Intelligence is about making sense of raw information: extracting its value to move your case forward or to protect your assets.

  • Data is everywhere. Like a wild mustang, It's out there in the wild waiting to be wrangled and tamed. Polaris Intelligence brings a over a decade of professional intelligence and investigative knowledge, experience and tools to successfully navigate the massive world of available data.


  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the collection of data from publicly available sources such as public records and social media to piece together the information puzzle. OSINT is a quest for the nuggets of gold which are out there.

  • Human intelligence (HUMINT) is the study and collection of human behavior, actions, activities and characteristics to build a pattern of life. That pattern of life can be exploited--analyzed and used to confirm or predict--for intelligence value.

  • OSINT and HUMINT complement each other and are both essential functions in any intelligence.  With the rights tools and approach, OSINT and HUMINT can build a clear picture.  Its like finding a needle in a stack of needles.


  • Polaris Intelligence has taken that concept and applied it to private investigations and litigation support services.  Our intelligence services are about turning raw information into valuable knowledge.  Effective information collection capabilities are essential and can be the difference between winning and losing as well as saving time and money.  


Let Polaris Intelligence support for your case.

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  • Due Diligence

  • Industrial Espionage

  • Economic Espionage & Trade Secrets Protection

  • Domestic Investigations
  • Asset Location Services
  • Litigation Support
  • UAS Aerial Imaging,  Lawful Surveillance,  Mapping,          3D Modelling,  & Photogrammetry
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Data and Link Analysis


Core Intelligence Services
Information is broad and varied.  In addition to general information collection and analysis, Polaris specializes in the following areas:
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Intelligence Basics

Collection and Anlysis

Obtaining and applying information with value to your case that will move it forward is critical.  Its the goal.  The systematic collection, review and transformation of valueless raw information into valuable knowledge through efficient and effective data collection and analytics is what we do at Polaris.  We can provide:

  • Subject Intelligence Collection

  • Subject Profile, Pattern of Life and Behavioral Analysis

  • Subject Network, Pattern and Relationship Analysis

  • Records Research, Collection and Analysis

  • Background and Pre-employment Evaluations

  • Surveillance Pre-planning and Game-planning

  • Link Analysis


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When needed, "Recon" is conducted early in the investigative process or whenever there is a substantial change in persons, locations or activities.  An essential part of the HUMINT process, Reconnaissance provides the "ground truth" necessary to ensure a successful outcome.  There is no substitute for thorough mission planning and comprehensive reconnaissance of the involved subjects and locations.
  • Ground & Mobile Surveillance for the purpose of Surveillance Mission Planning
  • UAS (Drone) Aerial Imagery for Controlled and Prohibitive Access Locations
  • Photographic and Videographic Documentation of the "Hot Zones" to get a sense of the Patterns of Life, Common Routes of Travel and any potential Unknown Factors ("alligators") before they strike
  • PI Safety Considerations and Routes of Eggress 


Solid intelligence generation and recon is great but is only the beginning.  The next step is to take the knowledge gained and create evidence that can be used by your clients.  The Surveillance Phase captures and documents the evidence needed to move your case closer to a positive outcome.

  • Ground and Mobile Surveillance and Lawful Tracking

  • UAS Aerial Surveillance, Imagery & GPS Verification

  • Advanced Photography/Videography Documentation

  • Asset and Person Location & Documentation

  • Time and Location (GPS) Certainty

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