• Rick Charles

FredNats Ballpark Construction Aerial Imagery Update #6: 2 February 2020

#FredNats Ballpark Construction Aerial Imagery Update #6: Images taken 2 February 2020. Weather is cooperating and construction continues with the left field structures. Main concourse and left field pavilion also continuing to take form. Big change for the week is the clubhouse (I think) structure down left field line and the foundation for the third base seats heading towards the left field pavilion. Again, I'm not privy to the plans just a lifetime of baseball games so I'm guessing like you all are. We are in February and opening day is less than three months away. I'm guessing there will be some unfinished work to do once the season begins but I fully expect the field, seating areas, clubhouse and concessions will be completed (or completed enough) to have a fully serviceable stadium for a professional baseball game. Note: due to the sun glare of the concrete I am intentionally adding more definition to these images in order to see the shapes, steps, etc otherwise it would be difficult to discern. Aerial images by Polaris Imagery. Flown by FAA Part 107 certificated remote pilot. Not a commercial/revenue flight. See all images in this series at my blog by visiting: www.polarisimagery.com #Baseball #minorleagues #baseballparks #boysofsummer

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